Practical And Beautiful Retaining Wall Ideas

Landscaping a sloping yard can be a challenge, especially if there are substantial drop-offs in the grade. A sloping yard without proper plantings can lead to erosion problems in the yard as a whole. It can also be extremely difficult to mow a lawn on a hillside. One way to deal with these slopes is to use retaining walls to create a series of steps. Retaining walls are attractive and practical. These walls will add interest to your landscaping, solve the problems of a sloping yard and stop erosion on a hillside. There are several types of landscape materials that can...


5 Easy To Assemble Garden Sheds

Are you wanting to replace your garden or tool shed, but don’t want the hassle of having to call someone to do the assembly? Do you prefer to assemble your new garden shed or storage shed yourself? You are in luck! There are many styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Do you know what style garden sheds or tool sheds you are looking for a metal, plastic, or wood one? We have put together a list of five easy Do it yourself sheds, no need to hire a professional. Rubbermaid Plastic Large Vertical Storage Shed If you have garden tools, rakes,...


Great Patio Additions To Enjoy Your Backyard

You can enjoy your backyard more by making some patio additions. Did you know there are more great ideas than ever for you to consider? To make it easier for you, listed below are five patio additions you can enjoy in your backyard. 1. Patio Furniture Patio furniture is a tried and true solution to enjoying your backyard patio more. You relax more with family and friends and enjoy your alone time, too. You have a designated area where you can enjoy meals, play board games, play card games, and work on crafts you enjoy. You can sit back and read a...


Save Your Weekends With A Robot Lawn Mower

Tired of mowing your yard what seems to be every weekend? By the time you add in gas, haul it outside, mow, bag up the grass clippings and trim the edges it seems like half your weekend is gone. Interest in robotic lawn mowers is rising and if you're thinking about purchasing one, read our valuable guide below.  A robotic lawn mower is a little electrical gadget that rotates backward and forward all over your backyard, making a very shallow cuts as it goes. Its journeys are restricted by border wire that you establish, which might buried in the yard or...


Make Watering Easier With An Automated Sprinkler System

If you're tired of constantly standing over your yard and moving a sprinkler from the front backyard to the yard by hand in an effort to keep your turf green, you might wish to think about setting up an automated watering system. While it might seem like having a lawn sprinkler that switches on instantly would use more water, an effective system might in fact save water by permitting you to tailor the specific amount you require in different locations. Plus, today's systems are quite clever. Automated sensor identify when it's been raining too much or not enough, then change the...

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