Why You Should Switch To Radiant Home Heating

Why You Should Switch To Radiant Home Heating


What Is Radiant Home Heating
If a homeowner wants to supply heat to their home floors, walls, and the ceiling. They will have to get a radiant home heating system installed into their home. A radiant home heating system is more efficient than forced-air heating and baseboard heating. The reason why it is more efficient is because it eliminates heat loss from ducts. Radiant heating is some of the best heating that a home can have. An individual can be clear across the room and feel the warmth as if they were standing directly in front of a hot stove. The name of radiant heating when it is on the floor of a home is either radiant floor heating or just floor heating.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Switching To Radiant Home Heating
 Radiant home heating systems are much more efficient than all of the other ways to heat a home such as forced air systems or baseboard systems. A study was done by Kansas State University and the study showed that radiant home heating was 25 percent more efficient than a forced-air system. The main reason why radiant home heating is so much more efficient is because there is not a lot of heat loss between the heated space and the heat source.

Having a radiant heating system also gives the homeowner more freedom to do more creative designs inside of their home. The way freedom comes into play is because the home will not have any radiators, vents, or baseboard units all over the place. The homeowner can use all this extra space on the floors, walls, and ceilings for decorative purposes. The homeowner will not run into any impedance or have to work around any obstacles when it comes to their decorated design because radiant heating does not get in the way.

When it comes to forced-air heating systems there is one huge issue that accompanies the usage of these types of heating systems. The forced-air heating system dries out and decreases the quality of indoor air. The radiant heating system, on the other hand, retains and improves indoor air quality. Another negative drawback when it comes to using a forced heating system is that the ductwork collects dust and other particles that can cause allergic reactions for individuals inside of the residence. The radiant heating system does not have duct issues and does not create poor indoor air quality when in use.

The Solution Is Clear
The radiant heating provides the most comfort to the individuals inside of the home. It delivers heat across every square foot of a home that it is installed in. The other available heating systems such as forced air, radiator systems, and baseboard systems do not heat every square footage of the home. The further the individual goes away from the heat source the colder it gets. These types of heat and cold variations do not exist when the homeowner has a radiant home heating system installed.