Top 10 Smart Kitchen Appliances

Top 10 Smart Kitchen Appliances

The whole point of smart kitchen appliances is t make our lives easier, and with this list of the ten best you have to have in your kitchen now, we can help you make your life, as well as using your kitchen, a whole lot easier.

1. Nutrichef Meat Thermometer
One thing a home cook needs to do is make sure that all meats and other carriers of harmful bacteria, is heated through to a safe temperature. Now, one of the things that many smart kitchen tools do is pair with a handy app for careful monitoring even when you’re not there. This can be up to 200 feet away from Wi-Fi, so it’s perfect for an outdoor grilling thing.

2. Samsung Smart Fridge
This Samsung model is fingerprint resistant, so it will give your kitchen that pristine look even when your kids are really messy. This fridge will not only help you plan meals with what you have and create shopping lists, but you can see what’s inside when you’re at the grocery store and can’t remember if you need milk.

3. Alexa-powered Instant Pot
You don’t know what you’re having for dinner tonight? This Instant Pot, so like the classic inspiration, comes with app pairing capability and a built-in voice activated smart helper. Alexa can help you plan a shopping list or look up an exciting new recipe!

4. Smart Coffee Maker
This coffee maker from Hamilton Beach pairs with Alexa, so you can set a brew time as well as a brew strength.

5. Smart Stirrer
You know those recipes that require constant mixing? With this handy little automatic stirrer you can forget all that. Just set it in your mixture, set the timer and you’re free to go!

6. Smart Scale
This scale will not only give you very precise measurements, but it also has a built-in recipe book and features the ability to download a recipe if you’re looking for something specific.

7. Smart Blender
This smart blender connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to an app where you can make a grocery list, view recipes and even compare nutritional values!

8. Smart Toaster
Have you ever wished for an easier way too toast your bagel than fiddling with the knobs on a traditional toaster? This features a touchscreen as well as a 15-second reheating function so you never have to have burnt toast.

9. Smart Microwave
Use your voice to control your microwave. Simply tell Alexa when to stop, start and how long to run. You can also scan a bar code on any food and find the perfect settings at which to cook.

10. Smart Trashcan
If you hate the thought of germs, you’ll love his. Other than changing the bag, you never have to touch the thing. Voice activated, just tell it to open and it will.

Your day is hard enough, your kitchen should be easier to navigate and a more comfortable place to be. Try one of these smart kitchen appliances to make all of that a reality for you.