The Best Way To Organize Your Closets

The Best Way To Organize Your Closets

Closet organization can be an extremely difficult task. Especially for first-time owners/renters who haven’t had a ton of experience with moving and organizing their belongings. Almost everyone has, at some point, made a mad dash to the closet only to discover that the specific article of the clothing they are looking for, is nowhere to be found. Having things neat and in specific places can keep you focused on other more important matters! Here are some great tips for closet organizing:

These can be used in several different ways when you start your closet organizing adventure. For smaller spaces, they can give you more separation for things being stored in the closet. Since they come in quite a few styles, the design possibilities are endless! Keeping shoes on the floor with a divider placed above them to make a new row is a great way to keep things from your front door! This also allows you to put things that may stand or need to be folded into a closet instead of a dresser or under a sink. For a bedroom closet, the appropriate use would be jeans, t-shirts, maybe sweat outfits, etc. For a bathroom or linen closet; linens, cleaning supplies, extra kitchen products and so much more.

These are a spectacular tool! Avoid getting containers that are too large, they can look cluttered and keep you from having your things organized inside. Jewelry, hair products, shoes, household items, and other smaller items that tend to be left in closets fit great in labeled bins.
There is also the opportunity to put shoes in bins if you aren’t too fond of using dividers, or possibly even using them to pack away clothes from the previous season to allow yourself more room for other clothing! For those of you who are packrats, bins are a great way to organize in stages, while putting clutter out of sight in the meatime.

Other Tools
There are other things used for organizing closet spaces that you may not see every day. Vacuum seal bags are a great option for limited space for instance. One of the oldest things in the book is color coordinating your hanging clothes for a more organized feeling, rather than hanging everything up together. There are a ton of different folding techniques available to maximize drawer space when needed. Hanging organizers that attach to hanging rods can be stylish and helpful, as well as door hanging shoe dividers. Another suggestion is decluttering! As simple as that sounds, everyone has a few articles of clothing or a few pairs of shoes that they look at every day, but haven’t worn in months or even years. Staying on top of those issues and doing a bi-weekly decluttering for donations or friends and family even, will leave you with so much extra space!

Closet organization at home tends to help outside of the house too. Cluttered houses and rooms have been proven to affect you negatively mentally, and physically. Plus, who doesn’t love a clean room?