The Best Way TO Connect All Of Your Smart Devices

The Best Way TO Connect All Of Your Smart Devices

The future of technology is becoming bright. On top of having smartphones in our pockets, there are inexpensive devices that can connect your smart home under one device. Utilizing new technology and improvising your house’s smart home capabilities is easier than ever.

Smart devices such as, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, make this an easy task. On top of being able to turn off all TVs or have lights turn on at certain times, Amazon Alexa and Google Home allow for a wide range of devices to access your home’s wireless internet.

Your home’s wireless network, or WAN, for short, controls the Wi-Fi broadband throughout your house. Smart hubs are connected to this network. Making sure your home’s wireless network is protected is a priority, however, by placing a challenging password.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa has a wide range of smart devices. These would include all sorts of different generations of the Amazon Echo And Echo Plus, all from first-gen through the third-gen. Then there are newer devices such as, the Amazon Echo Show, which uses a small screen to display everything between time, weather, traffic and more. Amazon Alexa uses easy integration by using the Amazon Alexa App application that you can download on you phone.

Google Home
Google Home also has many devices to choose from. From the least expensive you have the Google Home Mini, a superb speaker fit into a small form, which speaks most things that you ask and also play high-quality music. Then there’s the most expensive Google Home, known as Google Home Max. This is a high-quality surround sound speaker. Google Home has easy integration, by using the Google Home app available for you phone. You are easily able to connect all of your smart devices which includes, smart lights, the Nest Thermostat, a smart fridge, smart TVs and many more. Google Home also has a visual device known as the Google Nest hub. This is also very similar to the Amazon Echo Show.

Portal from Facebook
Facebook also made a similar device that is not as popular. This is known as Portal from Facebook. Its starting price is fairly expensive, but you are easily able to view Facebook friends and video chat as it is a visual home hub. If you are an avid Facebook user and enjoy using video chat with friends and family, this might be a good option for you.

Samsung Smarthings Hub V3
The Samsung SmartThings Hub V3 is also a great option. SmartThings Hub V3 is a device that can connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It connects to a wide range of wireless devices that all work together. These devices can be placed in your outlets, are motion sensors, water leak sensors and you can use your voice to control other devices too, such as smart lights, smart TVs and the Nest Thermostat.

Wireless technology is getting more and more advanced. Smart hubs are becoming even easier to use to create the perfect smart home for you and your family. As there are many smart home hubs that connect to your home wireless network, these are believed to be the best of the bunch.