Shower Door Issues And How To Fix Them

Shower Door Issues And How To Fix Them

Our showers are something we use each and every day. When they creak, leak or don’t close properly it can be a daily headache. The market is currently full of different types of showers, and thus learning how to repair a shower door can be a huge problem. There are many types of shower doors, and the majority of them operate differently depending on how the hinging mechanisms usually work. Therefore, the theory of how to repair a shower door requires some multiple steps to be followed. In the article, we will only share the steps on how a frame less shower door boils down.

First, the door usually slips out of the hinges at the top. This problem may hit the glass panel, curb, or wall when you happen to open or close that door. Secondly, the hinges also begin to make a snapping or a popping sound that is heard when you open and close it.

Slipping Door
Step 1:
While standing in the shower, make sure you remove the splash rail starting from the bottom of the shower door and secure it by placing some wood shims on the curb, which is usually under the door.

Step 2:
Slowly unscrew the hinge screws at the top that usually hold the glass in place and then remove the hinge plate.

Step 3:
After you are done removing the plate, lift the handle side of the door and then adjust the shims. The adjustment will enable the door to get back to its proper place in the attached hinge.

Step 4:
Now you will be able to see the gap that is between the panel and the door from the bottom to the top is the same. You can then secure it with the two screws and make sure you tighten them. Then remove the shims from under the door and then check to ensure that the gap is still up to the bottom. If it works, make sure to tighten the screws once more. This makes your process to fix shower doors easier.

Clicking Hinge
If you encounter a clicking hinge problem, you may need to contact your shower professional. They should be repaired or even replaced to remedy the hinge. That doesn’t mean that every other issue needs to be looked at by a professional. There are minor issues like a leaking clamp, which can easily be remedied by drying the area around and then reapplying silicon caulking.

In several cases, the shower door may not be repaired and may need to be replacemed. If you get to a point where you may need a professional, make sure to get the best experts. Shower glass doors require attention when they don’t work properly in order to improve their performance. Durability of the shower door is also very essential when done by the right person. Always get the best referrals from friends who will help you with a good plumber to fix shower doors.