Select The Right Window Treatments For Your Room

Select The Right Window Treatments For Your Room

It may be hard to believe, but the wrong treatments can leave you, your family and your guests feeling a little strange while hosting an evening event. But there are so many different window treatments available so there’s no excuse for odd looking window treatments. There so many different materials and colors and styles to choose from, how does one know the right treatments to use for a specific room?

Commonly referred to as Venetian blinds, these can range from the typical plastic window treatments everyone is so familiar with to more unique styles constructed from wood or acrylic. Of course, products designed from wood can be stained or painted to match and accent the room’s natural tones acquired from painted walls and ceilings as well as furnishings and decor. Most acrylic styles will require the color to be chosen in advance and may offer limited color choices.

Vertical Blinds
A very common window treatment, especially for sliding glass doors leading to a patio or porch. These are also a great window treatment option for particularly large windows like bay windows. While the styles and materials are a little less variated than those from those Venetian counterparts, vertical blinds can offer more flexibility for large and awkwardly sized windows. These are especially functional for windows that reach from floor to ceiling or cover an entire wall of a room.

A classic window treatment that everybody is familiar with and highly regarded for the cozy effects they ignite in a room. Curtains are likely the most variable of all window treatments. They can be constructed from a variety of materials including cotton, polyester, silk, hemp, wool and almost any other textile. Colors and weights can vary immensely too and will be determined by the exact use of your window treatments. For example, if you are blocking light in a bedroom, than heavier darker curtains will be preferred to lightweight, sheer materials like silk which would be a better accent curtain in a living room or formal dining room.

Other Options
There are of course many other types of window treatments, including shutters, mechanical or automated treatments, standard shades and more. Window treatments like wood shutters may be a bit more costly but will add to the resale value of your home much more than a standard shade will. However, if you have small children or animals that may damage your window treatments, it may be a wiser choice to go with a sturdier acrylic model that can withstand more abuse and will not stain.

In the end, it is you who have to look upon your window treatments every day. If you don’t like them you are going to be miserable seeing them constantly. Know what you like, preferred materials, what colors please your eye and how they will interact in your room. In the end, it is best to trust your intuition and go with a window treatment that compliments your existing home decor.