Increase Your Home’s Value With A Finished Basement

Increase Your Home’s Value With A Finished Basement


If you are considering finishing your basement, you should know that a finished basement can have many benefits for you. Below are seven ways you can benefit from a finished basement, all of which will increase your home’s value.

1. Storage
If you only plan to use your basement for storage, you should know a finished basement will help you. When you have a finished basement your items like furniture, electronics, fabrics, foods, and emergency supplies will be protected much longer. You limit the risk of drafts, moisture, and pests wreaking havoc on your basement and items stored. Consider adding wire shelving or other items to become better organized.

2. Potential for Home Office
One of the most popular reasons to finish a basement is to use the space as a home office. You can create a space to work for home for your employer, or you could operate your own business out of the space. Just be sure to properly wire it and try to set it up snear a window so you get some natural light during the day. 

3. Man Cave
If you are in need of a man cave so the men in your home and their friends have space to watch sports events or work on hobbies, a finished basement could work for you. You could add a bar to this space, too.

4. Exercise Room
For any of you that are looking to make fitness a priority in your life, a finished basement is a great option for you. You can add aerobic equipment, weight-lifting equipment, free weights, and a stretching spot. You could create a space for Yoga and meditation, too.

5. Kids’ Recreation Room
You might want to have a space dedicated just for children. Your basement can be finished to create this room for kids. You can set up your basement with all the things children love, and you can use the area to keep kids’ toys, sports equipment, and school projects organized and tidy.

6. Extra Bedroom
If you need more sleeping space in your home, you could finish your basement to include an extra bedroom. If you have children wanting their own space, this is a great idea. It also is a great idea if you need to take in an elderly relative that needs to start living with you.

7. Rental Property
You could always use your basement as rental property. Be sure that when you go to finish your basement that you install a door. Even if you do not turn the entire space into a rental property, the extra door could come in very handy.

Get More Out of Your Home
A finished basement will indeed increase the value of your property. You can expect to see around a 70 percent return on your investment when you finish your basement. Not only will you increase the livable space square footage, but you also will increase your overall home value. Each of the 7 ideas covered above will help you make the most of your newly finished basement.