Easy Appliance Repairs You Can Do To Save Money

Easy Appliance Repairs You Can Do To Save Money

Why do appliances always seem to break down at the most inconvenient moments? It’s as simple as doing a quick load of laundry and the clothes washer starts to spins uncontrollably. Or on the hottest day in the summertime, the refrigerator that you bought a few months ago stops making ice unexpectedly. After an amazing family dinner unloading dirty dishes, water leaks from the dishwasher.

With the amount of time, energy and money that it takes to buy appliances, you’d hope it lasts forever or at least enough to see other generations. But there is never really a way to predict how long anything will last, especially appliances. The question we find ourselves asking is, how do we plan for the unexpected, like expensive appliance repairs? Is it cheaper to replace it or fix it?

The Cost of Appliance Repairs
When it comes to the cost, life expectancy and warranty, repairing an appliance is the ideal choice. On average, most appliances today have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years. Appliance repair can cost a homeowner anywhere between $50 – $500, depending upon what needs to be fixed. Here is a guide for a few of the appliances you may need to eventually get repaired.

Most dishwashers have a lifespan of about 8 years and the average cost to repair is $150. They’re a pretty great addition to any house, with its ability to wash dirty dishes quickly and lower water usage. However, a few things to look out for to tell if your appliance needs repairs: Water temperature not as hot, unusual sounds during the wash cycle, and dishes coming out dirty or spotty. The look of your dishes will tell you everything you need to know like maybe it’s time to replace or repair. Many times just taking the time to clean and maintain your dishwasher will keep it running smoothly for many years to come.

Most refrigerators have an average lifespan of about 12 years with an average cost being $250 to repair. The refrigerator is on twenty-four hours a day so it makes sense that its life span is longer than most appliances. But the issue comes in when common repairs like the ice maker stops working or the freezer stops freezing.

Washing Machine
Average a clothes washer can have a lifespan of 10 years with a repair cost of $250. Most of the time the cause of a clothes washer needing to be repaired can be things like not draining properly, loud noises from the drum during a spinning cycle, or a washer just not completing the wash cycle. On average, a washing machine can be one of the more expensive appliances to fix or replace.

Keep in mind the lifespan of appliances avg 5 – 10 years, if your appliances are more than halfway through its lifespan that it costs to repair, it will be more than half of the cost of new appliances, even with extended warranties.