Attractive and Decorative Wall Clocks For Your Home

Attractive and Decorative Wall Clocks For Your Home

In modern homes today, it is easy to check the time digitally on a home appliance, a smart phone, or even checking a smart home device. These clocks get the job done but they don’t add beauty or style to your home. A well-chosen decorative wall clock can bring your personal tastes into your home as well as telling the time. There are so many different types of decorative wall clocks, choosing one that fits your style can seem overwhelming. Here are four steps to help you narrow down which decorative wall clocks are perfect for your home.

First, make a decision about where you want to hang your clock. Maybe you have a large wall that is just begging for a giant clock. Perhaps you have a small entryway that would be perfect for a more medium sized clock. Or, maybe there is a small nook in your kitchen that needs a convenient little clock. Make sure and pull out a measuring tape so you can get an idea of roughly how large your clock should be. Size is often deceptive online or in the store. You don’t want to get home and realize the perfect clock is way too small. Once you’ve narrowed down the location of your clock, you can move on to the next step, number format.

Now, think about the number format of the clock you want. Clock faces may have actual numbers on the entire face, roman numerals, just lines or shapes in place of the numbers, or combination of lines and numbers. There are also large digital wall clocks as well. If you have a difficult time reading a clock face or if you have children in your home, you may want to consider choosing a numbered clock face or a digital one.

Once you have narrowed down the type of clock face you think will work best for you, move on to considering what materials the clock is made from. This is starting to examine what style works with the personality of your home. Are you casual or more formal? Modern or more traditional? Rustic? Vintage? Eclectic? It is okay if you’re not sure what your home’s exact “style” is. Just looking around at the current furnishings and decor in your home may give you an idea of what you like. A rustic style might look great with a barn wood or metal clock. A traditional home you might consider a clock with a glass front. And a modern home may have a more minimalist style.

Go With Your Gut
Now that you’ve followed the first three steps to choosing the perfect decorative wall clock for your space, the last step is to just trust your gut. Take a moment and imagine it hanging on your wall. Can you imagine smiling as you check the time? It is wonderful when your home decor has purpose as well as style, and by following these steps, you can find many decorative wall clocks that will fit your home perfectly.